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Guide to Downsizing from a House to a Condo

June 19, 2018
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The time has come for you to downsize from your house into a condo. Whether you are an empty nester, have lots of unused space, want something smaller, or just don’t want the responsibility of a single family home, the thought of downsizing your home into one of the condos for sale in Wayzata MN may be nerve-wracking. But don’t be stressed! Use the tips below as a guide to downsize from your house into a condo.

  1. Compile a list – Assess your items and make a list of items that will come with you and what you don’t really need. You may opt to keep your master bedroom set but decide to depart from any double items you may have like a sofa, bedroom furniture, mixing bowls, refrigerators or television sets. Also take into items that have sentimental value.
  2. Determine what has sentimental value – Ask yourself if you really need that item. You may want to keep your crystal collection or the grandfather clock you inherited and not the dress or suit you wore for your best friend’s wedding years ago that you cannot fit anymore.
  3. Premeasure, premeasure, premeasure – Not all of your existing furniture will fit into your new condo. You may be moving a home with 3,500 square feet to something less than 900 square feet. Take measurements of each room and the space before moving to ensure your current items or the ones you’ll purchase won’t be too large and will actually fit into your condo.
  4. Get rid of clutter – There is no reason to bring clutter to your condo. There won’t be space and frankly you’ll want to start with a clean and clutter free space. Shred documents and old mail, recycle old magazines and newspaper, have a TV that mounts to the wall, opt for e-books, downloadable music, movies or games to free up space. Only keep those that are special edition or rare finds.
  5. Try not to throw anything out – If you can avoid throwing things out, do it! Wire hangers, plastic bags, old shoes and clothing, furniture, and books can all find a good home that is not your trash can. You can get rid of things you no longer have use for while making money or giving them to a good cause in the process.
  6. Start early – Downsizing takes time so don’t wait until the last minute to get started. Prepare at least three to six months before you plan to move. Allowing yourself time to prepare for your move will hopefully help reduce stress and give you time to figure out what’s going, what’s staying, and what you will need. Begin with one room until you have worked yourself through every area of your home.

Are you looking to downsize? If yes, we hope that you will consider purchasing one of our condos for sale in Wayzata MN by Meyer Place at Ferndale. To learn about our 21 unit luxury condominium please contact us at 952.294.2112 or visit our Sales Center at 101 Lake Street W on Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 12 noon to 4 p.m.

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