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Health Benefits of Lakefront Living

August 8, 2021
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Nestled along Lake Minnetonka’s shore is the lakefront Wayzata MN homes community of Meyer Place at Ferndale. This 22-unit luxury condominium offers many health benefits of lakefront living. These are the reasons you should consider living by the lake.

  1. Calming effect – Moving water is a natural element that is sure to relax you. You will be able to unwind and enjoy listening to the soothing peaceful sounds of the flowing water.
  2. Community building – Lakefront living is extremely unique. People who immerse themselves in outdoor experiences tend to build deep and meaningful connections with their neighbors. Socializing is not only healthy for your mind but also your body.
  3. Lake activities – From boating, fishing, and swimming to jet skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, pontoon boating, and tubing there are a vast amount of water activities on Lake Minnetonka. Whether for exercise or leisure, get out, get moving, and take advantage of the fun water activities you desire to partake in the most.
  4. Nature’s best – Lake Minnetonka is home to a vast array of fish and wildlife species. Lakefront living allows you to share your home with the beautiful animals of the area. Animals can help reduce stress and provide you with companionship.
  5. Picturesque views – You do not need to go on vacation to appreciate a nice view. One of the benefits of lakefront living are the gorgeous views of the lake you will get from your condo, patio, or top floor daily. Soak in the vitamin D from the sun, star gaze, or watch the sunrise or sunset over the lake. These can give you higher satisfaction in life and improved productivity by just observing these.

Lakefront living offers plenty of health benefits and affords you an amazing lifestyle. If you are interested in lakefront living, contact Meyer Place today at 952-294-2112 to learn about our available lakefront Wayzata MN homes.

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