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What Should You Do After You Move?

June 12, 2022
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Congratulations on selecting one of our condos in Wayzata MN at Meyer Place. We know you are very excited to live here. But before start unpacking and turning your condo into your humble abode, read the list below for what you should do after you move.


  1. Clean your condo – Give your condo a thorough cleaning before you move. Clean the refrigerator, freezer, and bathrooms, mop the floors, and vacuum the carpets. This will ensure your condo is cleaned your way and ready for your belongings.
  2. Inspect your boxes – Before you unpack anything it is important to make sure all your boxes made it to the condo, and nothing is damaged or missing from your old spot to your new condo. Recycle or throw out any cardboard boxes and other packing materials in the appropriate places.
  3. Unpack the necessities – You do not have to be overwhelmed with unpacking your belongings. Start with the things that are essential first, like in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. The other items can steadily be unpacked as needed and time permits.
  4. Update your information – Moving means your will need to update your contact information with friends and others. Put in a change of address with the postal office and have your mail forwarded. Update your address for your driver’s license, vehicle registration, voter’s registration, banking institutions, and healthcare providers. If you have kids in childcare or school, make sure you update your new address with their schools. If you are totally new to the area, then it is important you find new healthcare providers, transfer your medical records, and register your kiddos in school.
  5. Childproof your home – Make sure your condo is childproof if you have little ones. They will want to explore their new home, so you want to make sure it is safe for them to do so.
  6. Meet the neighbors – Condo living is all about community. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and attend community events and neighborhood events in the area.


With the help of the six tips above, you should be able to transition and adjust to living in your new condo. Congratulations again on moving and welcome to our fabulous condos in Wayzata MN community.

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