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Tips for Decorating your Guest Bedroom

June 22, 2020
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Meyer Place at Ferndale is a beautiful 22-unit luxury Wayzata MN condos for lease community on the corner of Lake Street E and Ferndale Ave S. Our floor plans boast additional bedrooms and space ideal for a guest bedroom. Here are 10 tips for decorating your guest bedroom and making it a cozy and relaxing place.

  1. Bedside lighting – A desk lamp will make all the difference for guests who want to stay up to read or get work done at night.
  2. Closet space – Make room in the closet and add hangers so your guests have places to hang their clothing. This is especially helpful if they have suits, dresses, and other items that will get wrinkled if left in the suitcase.
  3. Extra toiletries – Have some of the basics just in case your guests forget theirs. These toiletries should include everything from a razor, mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste to a bar of soap, cotton swabs, conditioner, shampoo, and lotion.
  4. Fresh flowers – Seasonal flowers or a plant is a nice touch and can enhance the air quality in the room.
  5. Luggage rack – Have a place for your guests to set their luggage so it is not on the floor. If you do not have a storage bench, get a luggage rack so they can have a place to set their luggage and not have to crouch down.
  6. Mirror – Whether it is a full-length mirror, or one mounted on the wall, a mirror will add comfort to your guest bedroom. Your guests are sure to appreciate being able to check themselves out before leaving the room.
  7. Storage ottoman bench – A stylish and multi-functional piece that will work extremely well in the guest bedroom. You can store towels, wash cloths, extra pillows, and throw blankets in here. Plus, your guests will have a place to put their luggage on or sit down to get dressed or put their shoes on.
  8. Waste basket – Include a waste basket for your guests. This will give them a place to discard their luggage tags, food wrappers, and any other rubbish they may have.
  9. Water – Have water readily available for your guests. Not only is this a nice gesture but it could also help to quench their thirst should they need a sip. You could either have bottled water for them or include a beside water carafe for the side table with cups.
  10. WI-FI password – Provide your guests with your WI-FI password and WI-FI network name. Your guests will be able to stay connected without having to bother you for the code.

We hope these tips have given you tips on how to decorate your guest bedroom into a comfortable and cozy space. Watch out, when you are done decorating your guests not want to leave your home. And if you are looking to rent a condo let us know. We have several Wayzata MN condos currently for lease. Contact us at 952-294-2112 for details.

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