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What Should You Look for When Purchasing a Gas Grill?

December 12, 2018
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Though it’s cold outside, it’s never too early to get ready for grilling season. Soon enough we will be trading in our winter coats and boots for shorts, flip flops, BBQ’s, and good times with our family, friends, and neighbors. Convienent and simple to clean, The Solaire 30” is a compact size perfect for the patio or deck at your Wayzata MN condos, Meyer Place at Ferndale. These are some of the considerations that were used when choosing the Solaire 30” as a great option for our homeowners.

Meyer Place at Ferndale had to meet specific safety goals and city ordinances in making the choice of what to grill to offer. It had to be a built-in gas grill and on a pedestal. The next choice just gas or Infrared, Infrared gas grills heat up faster and use less energy. You will never run out of fuel with a built-in gas grill, you won’t have to lug a propane tank around to refill, and they’re more environmentally friendly. Buy a grill that has enough space to fit your grilling needs and meet the city of Wayzatas specifications. Does it have shelving to hold your buns, cooking utensils, food, plates and sauces? Don’t purchase a grill with wooden shelves because those easily rot. Folding shelves may be more convenient since they will be out of the way when grilling. Also make sure the shelves are sturdy enough so that they don’t break with the weight or food, plates, and utensils on them. Two burner grills are better than a one burner grill. They’re also great for smaller places but still are effective. Stainless steel or brass burners are better than cast iron burners that can easily rust and aluminum burners that burn out.

As you can see there are many options to consider when purchasing a gas grill for your new home. We feel that the Solaire 30”is a good choice and can offer many of these important considerations. We believe it to be an exceptionally performing grill.

Representatives from Meyer Place at Ferndale, a 22-unit Wayzata MN condos community, have worked with the Wayzata City Council to obtain this change in the Fire Prevention Code. This will enhance our distinction of being a fully residential condominium in Wayzata. This change has enabled us to install a gas line on each deck for the connection of a gas grill. This is great benefit for future Meyer Place residents who want to grill and want the convenience of a built-in line. Get excited, we can already smell the burgers cooking and the steaks grilling!


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