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Tips for Decorating Your Deck with Plants and Flowers this Fall

October 18, 2020
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One of the benefits of leasing at the condominiums in Wayzata MN community of Meyer Place is the deck. The deck is a wonderful way to extend your living space. The deck also provides the perfect place to deck-orate with plants and flowers. Use these tips to decorate your deck this fall.

  1. Container garden – Chrysanthemums and mums are great fall flowers. Create a container garden with these bright and beautiful flowers. You can dress the container garden up even more by accompanying your flowers with fall staples such as acorns, apples, pumpkins, and other fall favorites.
  2. Fall wreath – Place a fall themed wreath on the door leading to your deck or affix several wreaths on your deck railing. This will instantly add color and warmth to the area.
  3. Hanging baskets – Get your favorite fall plants and/or flowers to create a hanging basket. This is a sure way to enhance up your deck space.
  4. Pallet garden – Create your own garden with pallets! Affix pot holding clips to the pallet and then place your pots in there. Fill the pots with your soil and plants or flowers of choice.
  5. Plant stand – A plant stand is a perfect way to display your potted plants. These are trendy, come in different finishes, and usually hold small to medium sized plants. Arrange your potted plants on these to complement the space.
  6. Rain boots planter – Do you have any old rain boots laying around the house? Put them to good use by creating a fabulous fall décor look on your deck! Plant your favorite fall flowers in them to create a rain boot planter and spread around your deck.

We hope you like these wonderful fall plant and flower decorating tips for your deck just as much as we do! Which ideas do you plan on incorporating? Which ones are you hoping to see around our condominiums in Wayzata MN community?

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