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Tips for Organizing your Laundry Room

April 12, 2021
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The laundry room is a busy place. Use these tips to help keep neat and organized in this very important room.

  1. Get glass apothecary jars – There really is no need to keep your supplies in the bulky containers they came in. Place your dryer sheets, laundry pods, lint roller, and clothespins in glass apothecary jars. This will also help you keep track of the quantities.
  2. Install a clothing od – Certain clothes items cannot go into the dryer. And others should be hung up right after taking them out of the dryer. A clothing rod is the perfect place to hang wet and damp clothes, jackets, and shirts. A pull-down drying rack can also work well.
  3. Over-the-door organizers – Use these to store cleaning supplies, laundry bags, and smaller items.
  4. Sponge holder – Do not throw your wet sponge in the utility stink. Install a sponge holder so that your wet sponges can dry properly.
  5. Use a laundry cart – The laundry cart is ideal for providing efficient storage solutions for your laundry room to corral your supplies. It can house your detergent, dryer sheets, iron, sprays, and other supplies. It can also provide a surface for your ironing board.

One of the benefits of leasing one of our luxury condos in Wayzata MN is that each condo unit comes complete with its own in-unit laundry room. Are you interested in leasing at Meyer Place? Let’s talk. Contact us at 952-294-2112 for more information.

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